toastypk wrote in pkmncollectors

It happened... I got a Paypal account.

It begins.

For those who don't know, I've had a big phobia of Paypal for years. Not neccesarily with the site itself, but the whole putting yourself out online thing, as well as things I had read from people who were pissed at Paypal. You even had to link your Paypal to your bank account, which made me fairly nervous. I didn't want to mess with that. I sort of wanted my Paypal to be its own thing different from that.

Instead, I had just used a household Paypal account that my mother would use too. It was linked to a second bank account.

However, some months ago, the bank we used for years left my state, and everyone who used it became members of a new bank, one that would charge fees to the small Paypal account, and thus we had to close it.

That meant it was time to make my own for my own purchases.

However, after doing research, I found that you don't need to link a Paypal account to a bank account! You can add money other ways. And people on this site had nothing but good things to say about it when I asked.  So a week or so ago, I did the thing I never felt comfortable doing until now.

This means that I'm ready to start selling the Pokemon things I've sat on for a year or two. I got things from the local ToysRUs that was closing, I got plushes of characters that I thought people would want, and I would NOT charge stupid prices for them! So expect fairly soon to see some auctions, though I might sell one item first so I can get my feet wet in the Paypal thing. I've always sent money, but was never on the recieving end of anything, so I have to do the fees thing.

I'm looking forward to using this! 


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