presleyhydrei (presleyhydrei) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wishlist and Sales

Just figured its that time again that I put my wishlist up since my tax return came in! Let me know if you have any of these! (Sales posted at bottom)

Also updated my Website so check it out!

Heres my Wishlist currently!

First, my ultimate dream grail, the Jakks prototype figure

Here are my other Hydreigon line wants

My last sableye plush I need, and yes I know its on ebay but its a little pricy to me there.

Lastly, my kommo-o line wants. I'd like to buy these as groups if before i resort to JP Mercari (middleman fees are no joke lol)

Anyway thanks for looking and check out my sales! These are all i have left and i really want them gone lol.

Tags: hakamo-o, hydreigon, jangmo-o, kommo-o, sableye, sales, wants, zweilous
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