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Long time no see! Collection update :)

Hey guys, it's been a while ( 3 1/2 years I think?) since I posted...well anything really. I got a few new items for my collection but not a lot. I've mostly put Pokemon on hold for my Monster High and Overwatch collections. I still pick up a few things here and there but not nearly as much as I use to. With gen 8 on the way I figured why not show off my collection again!

Also If anyone has any Lopunny stuff for sale and it looks like I don't have it, let me know >O>

Leafeon + Buneary shelf. Buneary use to have a shelf to itself but I realized I was just wasting space so when I rearanged my collection I put these two together.  I'm honestly thinking about buying the Easter Buneary's super cute. (Too bad they didn't release a Easter Lopunny :C)

My main collection, Lopunny! I haven't gotten that many new Lopunny items this year, sadly I'm at the point where the offical stuff is either hard to get or flats (I like flats but I'm more intrested in...well..anything but. My two newest items are the voodoo doll and the pokebox omamori (to the right under the charms, hard to see).  I also got a daki (don't worry, it's sfw ;u;) but I felt it was best to leave it out lol. Right now I'm waiting on a pin i bought from etsy as well!

Skitty fell over and I didn't notice, oops! Here's a shelf of random 'mons + part of my Melloetta collection. Honestly I dont know how people stack their collections in such a nice way. Mine always look chaotic.

Rest of my Melloettas and some more random plushies.

Big Plushie shelf :)

Fennekin line! I want to expand on it but I think Scorbunny might just take all my money ;u; (I'm a sucker for bunnies as you can tell).

More random clutter plushies.

My Pokebox Tarot deck is displayed behind a bunch of figures. It looks really nice there. I'm still scared to take the cards out tho.

I don't really collect random figures but somehow i've ended up with a few of them. I don't really know where to put them so right now they're handing with Boba Fett.

Also I forgot to take a picture of this so I stole a pic off of my instagram.

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