starfaky (starfaky) wrote in pkmncollectors,

my little collection and few gets

As promised in my last post ! have a little look at my little collection

BUT FIRST ! a few gets :
got these two from splash

and went on a shop earlier today and fond this alolan muk , which is .. my favorite alolan form ;;
i forgot to add him to my collection ;;

AND now my little collection !!! i stated in my last post that i dont collect much and
that i prefer just have a few item of my favorite pokemon <3
i exposed them a bit but i might re-arrange them later ;v; , still waiting on few items

(featuring custom trubbish and sandygast i made)

i dont know if that count as collection but i also have some sweet custom shirts
( i have a scrafty one but couldnt find it rn)

will let you know whenever i get some new stuff <3
i also made a reuniclus charm for my collection but it's not finished yet

have a nice day<3

Tags: collection update, frillish, gets, muk, reuniclus, trubbish
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