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Sales Reminder & Update

Hello :)

It's officially the SSS season! I hope everyone is having fun shopping :) I've updated my sales with some new items--some can badges, charms, Eevee and Crystal Drops Kuji. I also have lots of leftovers from my last sales and my auctions. My updated sales can be accessed by clicking either the image or the link below.

I'll also combine things from my regular sales!
new banner test3.jpg

Please be aware that I will be closing my sales on Saturday, March 9, at 12:00 PM EST/Detroit time. I have a HUGE licensing exam to study for, and that bugger is daunting (and pathetically expensive). I need to hardcore study for that monster, so I have to disappear for a bit. I'll still have my claims open, but I will not be doing active sales after March 9. If you see something for your SSS partner after March 9, feel free to send me a PM!

Speaking of claims, I have a few spots left open for the new set of Terrariums. Most of one set is filled, and these are the guys left available. To be transported to my claims post, please click the image or link below.

Until next time!
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