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Lots of Gets + Big Sales Update!

Hey! I have lots of gets to share, including items from one of the 151 Boxes. Almost everything from this, along with some ddakji and numerous other items, have been posted to my sales as well.

Without further ado... let's peek at the 151 Box first! I had really wanted a lucky bag from earlier this year - I wasn't able to score one, so I jumped on the chance to get one of these instead. Wakuwakumono was able to snag me one.

While a lot of fun to open, I definitely learned that these are only worth it if I'm really into whatever recent promos there have been. Shipping alone cost a whopping $80 which is.... twice what I was expecting it to be, lol. x_x I hope to make at least some of that money back.
Anyway, here are my pulls. I was really hoping to get one of the pokemon time plushes I wanted - lycanroc, vulpix, or litten - but i wasn't so lucky. I definitely want to buy them though, now that I've handled Popplio & Mimikyu in the flesh. I didn't like these plushes that much when I saw photos, but they are SO cute and unique irl. I really love they used. The big Rowlet is also very nice.
The large ditto cushion was a great pull. He's SO squishy! He'll be up for sale.

The only thing I'll be keeping is the Vulpix Crystal Season pen. The packaging is very pretty, and I'll be keeping it NIP.

I also got a lot of great Weavile items from Waku in the same parcel. I was SUPER excited to find the metal figures - I've only had silver for quite a long time, and haven't been able to find any other colors. Now I only need gold and bronze.
I also love the merch advertisement.... I really want more of these ads and inserts. If anyone has any weavile or lucario-related ones, let me know!!

So story time... I've been itching to find more ddakji ever since buying a few off someone on the comm. I've tried to find more to buy online, but the only place I've been able to find selling them is GMarket, which charges like $30 for shipping. No thank you lol.
And then last week, on one of my regular trips to goodwill outlet, I pulled one out of a sea of other toys in one of the bins. I couldn't believe it! I furiously dug for more and managed to snag quite a few. I'm dying to know how they ended up there - were they a child's that were donated? Or perhaps there's some obscure place locally that sells them? I guess I'll never know.

Even better - I found not one, but TWO Dusk Lycanrocs. Ahhh!!
One will be kept for my collection - the other is up for trade, along with a silver Charizard. I am not totally against selling them, but I'd reeally like to try and find more daakji for myself before doing so.
Primarily looking for other Lycanroc ddakji and/or Ninetales.

My sales have been updated with many of the items in this post, and more. Please do take a look! As usual I may be a bit slow to reply, so bear with me. I do have the day off though so I'll be checking periodically.
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