missdizzzy (missdizzzy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Grail ♥ And some other gets

Hello! :D

It's been a while I don't post here, but my collection started growing again and I'd love to share my new gets with you! 😊

First of all, my biggest grail, the one I thought I'd never be able to catch someday: the Tomy DX Dragonite! ❤

I've found it on Yahoo Auctions for something like US$45 as buy it now price. It came in perfect condiction, just like new! It's so cute!!

And it fits really well for my Lance! 💕

A friend of mine was in Japan last month and brought me all these cute stuff:

And this AMAZING Dragonite plush! 💕

I'm really happy to see new faces on my Royal Garden (my Snivy collection)! I still need to give they the attention they deserve, but here are some pictures I've done! 💕

Thanks for reading! 💕
Tags: dragonite, lapras, snivy
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