rarity_skye (rarity_skye) wrote in pkmncollectors,

50th reintroduction. Plush legitimacy

Long time no see. I feel like every time I make a post I end up reintroducing myself. I emerge from my hole once every year or so with a question or something and a few wants. I collect Sylveon and Glaceon items. Plush primarily. My collection is probably about 5 years old now. I don’t super actively add to it much anymore for a few reasons but on occasions it gets a few additions. It’s still my conversation starter for visitors who catch a glimpse at my pink and blue shrine.

Onto the real questions. Possible wtb(want to buy)

So I found these on wish. Now I doubt that this is the origin of these as we all know wish is littered with booties and sketch products. What I want to know was where they an official release or something? I could see them being a rip-off of a artists plush. I’m curious. I can’t find any information on them at all.

On another note i’ve seen these adorable perfume bottle style figures that look beautiful and of course I want the Sylveon one. I have no idea how much it runs but if anyone has one for sale i may be interested.

Thankyou lovelies!💕
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