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Derby J.

TCG and Bootleg Plush SALES

Recieved sales permission: 19 October 2013 by entirelyclinched
My feedback is here:

  1. Paypal, Cash app, Facebook Messenger only

  2. US only, international shipping can be discussed

Looking for: 
Abra line related merchandise
Abra applause plush
Abra banpresto plush
Abra/Kadabra Tomy figures

I'm not really looking to buy too much since I'm moving to China in a few months.

For TCG:

  • All cards are mint/near mint unless state otherwise

  • I will take extra pictures for serious inquiries

  • Basic shipping is $1.50, Bubble Envelope $4.50, Priority Flat Rate Envelopes are $8.00

  • Intl. Shipping for flats in a bubble envelope is about $14.50

  • Will haggle for orders over $20

TCG Sales

Lugia 9/111 Neo Genesis - $45
Tyranitar H28/H32 Aquapolis - $35

Blastoise 2/102 Holo Base Set - $40
(Mint, Opened 3 years ago and immediately put into the sleeve)

Entei 34 Black Star Promo
Rocket's Zapdos 15/132 Holo Gym Challenge

(French) Zapdos 16/102 Holo Unlimited Base Set
Gardevoir 7/109 Holo Ex Ruby and Sapphire - $3 [very light scratches on the upper right corner]
Politoed 8/75 Holo Neo Genesis

Moltres 27/62 Fossil Set
Dark Charmeleon 32/82 Team Rocket
Mewtwo 10/102 Base Set

Chansey 19/112 Reverse Holo EX Firered Leafgreen
Scyther 29/112 Reverse Holo  EX Firered Leafgreen
Lanturn 38/111 Neo Genesis
Heracross 7/101 Holo Hidden Legends

Raikou -16/132 - Holo Rare: Diamond and Pearl: Secret Wonder Singles [Heavy surface damage]*
Mightyena - 12/107 - Holo Rare Deoxys EX [Some scratches on surface]*
Scizor - 33 - Black Star Promo

Team Aqua's Lanturn -28/95- Ex Team Magma VS Team Aqua
Jirachi - Promo 021
Plusle - 6/12 - Trainer Kit Holo
Minun - 6/12 - Trainer Kit Holo

*= Free w/ purchase

Plush Sales

Everything here is cheap, non-lincensed/bootlegged except the Rowlet and snowy owl ty plush. The bootlegs I won at an arcade.
All prices have shipping included! Will lower price for people buying multiple things

Tomy Rowlet - $15 shipped (Tag detached)

Peapod - $8 shipped
Eevee head - $4 shipped
Lapras - SOLD

TY Mini Snowy owl - $3.50 shipped
Totoros - SOLD
Pink cat thing - $5 shipped
Kiirotiori - $5 shipped
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