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GETS! + Pokedoll legitimacy check

Hey guys! I am pleased to say that I finally got to pick up my second ever Wakuwakumono package today! Since I was introduced to proxy services in December, I have been hooked on collecting in a whole new way. It's really exciting! I'll also be including a few items I have received from fellow comm members and elsewhere. Anyways, lets see what I got! ^^

(Also, please scroll to the bottom if you'd like to help with the Pokedoll legitimacy check. Thanks!)

First off – one of my (personally) most exciting gets: MWT Weavile and Lucario Pokedolls. I bought this set primarily for Weavile, and was originally considering selling the Lucario to make up for some of the funds. However, they ended up growing on me quite a bit, so I'm going to keep them for now. 

Next up, the rest of my recent Weavile items. The keychain figure on the left and the laying plush on the right both came with their original tags (awesome!). Despite the plush's tag being pretty worn, I felt lucky that I was able to snatch it up the day it was listed on ebay. Both the kid figures are in amazing minty condition, in fact I just got the one on the left from mega_quilava! Also, the little chibi figure is even tinier than I imagined! Isn't it adorable?

Here we have this awesome little set of capsule plush made of some sort of terry cloth. I don't know much about them, but when I saw that Wooper I had to have it! I was planning on selling the others from this group as well, but they're super cute as a set so I'm definitely holding on to them for a while.

Next up is an assortment of Wooper/Quagsire gets. I had tried to bid on the zipper pulls for that beautiful pearlescent Wooper on Y!J, but ended up losing. However, athkore_omnirok, who won the auction, received an extra of the Wooper and graciously offered it to me for free! I was absolutely floored by their kindness. If you're reading, thank you again!

I'm also really content with the Wooper beanie. It had a price tag sticker on the front of its tag, which I was luckily able to carefully scrape off with my fingernail without damaging the image. It's so floppy and cute. ^^

Finally, this amazing lot of Wooper plush that I was able to buy from dodoette. This set has probably near doubled my Wooper collection on its own, I was super happy that the opportunity came my way. But this isn't all I got from them, and that brings me to my very last extra-special-most-awesome get of this post...

A mint TTO Wooper Pokedoll! When a fellow comm member pointed me to the sale of this beauty just a few days after I posted that I was on the hunt for one, I didn't waste any time. It was just my luck that dodoette was selling almost their entire Wooper collection, including 4 Wooper Pokedolls! This little guy has got to be one of the most important parts of my whole Pokemon collection, and I must say that I'm very satisfied to own him.

Before I go, I wanted to consult the comm about some strange inconsistencies between my two 2009 Weavile Pokedolls. 

The one on the right, I bought probably a little over a year ago from an ebay seller in Thailand. I didn't notice anything off, and I find them quite adorable, so I didn't have any reason to think it might be a bootie or something.

However, upon opening my recent package and inspecting my new MWT Weavile, I have noticed some discrepancy between the two.

The TTO one has a noticeably larger crown, spread legs, and a head that is turned pretty obviously to the right. Their tush tags are identical as far as I can tell, with the tag of the TTO one looking ever so slightly faded in color, if anything. 

When I checked ebay, I noticed that the several listings for this plush also have similar differences, so I'm not really sure what to make of this. Is one of them a bootleg, or are the inconsistencies simply due to manufacturing discrepancies? Or could it be due to something like different manufacturing periods in the year? Please let me know what you guys think.

Thanks a lot for reading, and talk again soon!


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