fairychrissy (fairychrissy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

February gets!

I feel like I post so much here now because of the news lol. But here's a personal post!

I picked up both Eevee tamagotchi! And the Sapporo Vulpix mascot that I've been putting off for so long

I got a bunch of small Vulpix items that I have been missing! I'm so glad I finally got the red stamper! Also the Lisia doki doki contest live badge!

Pokeparle Sylveon! I've been wanting this for so long! And I have Fennekin on the way too!.

A Popplio pen from Thailand!

The Eeveelutions tile set! I love the Flareon one!

Two Vulpix toys from Phillipines! Alolapix from Jollibee and Kantopix from McDonald's I believe!

The Lillie and Snowy GEM figure! I found a used one on eBay for $45 shipped so I thought it was finally time to get it!

Hokkaido exclusive goodies + some yarn figures!

A bunch of Vulpix stuff that I was on the fence on getting but found them all for super cheap! Finally got the Swablu secret base pen too!

A bunch of socks and miscellaneous Alolapix goodies!

And that's it for this month! My Alolapix collection has made a lot of progress this past year and thankfully I'm almost all caught up. Right in time for gen 8 too!

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