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Gets from the last two months ^_^

Hello community ^_^

A package loaded with some cool gets has arrived! Without a further ado, let's get to it! Some of the items I received earlier.

[Open it!]

A playmat, a deckbox, a clearfile and a shirt from ink promotion! They sold out almost immediately after release, but I was lucky enough to get those on Y!Japan :)

This is the most anticipated thing! The newly released Sceptile plush <3 I absolutely love it! So high quality! It's really big. I was aware it's big but not THAT big :D And I'm getting one more of those XD

Group photo! Look at the size difference, those megas look so small.

I'm super excited about the SSS! The gift for my Secret Someone was in that same box and obviously I'm not showing it to you :P I can't wait to finish and send it! Giving gifts gives me so much joy :) Plus, I KNOW my giftee will like it!

Finally, I want to share a funny guessing game I had with one my student. I teach in high school and my students are 16-19 years old. One day, a student of my asked me:
"Who is you favorite Pokémon?
"I'm not telling you. You have to guess it! Here is your first hint: It's neither Pikachu nor Charizard."
"Is it Abomasnow?"
"No, it is not. Here is your second hint: My favorite Pokémon hits Abomasnow for 4x weakness."
"Does the attack receive STAB?"
"Yes, it does."
"Ok! Then it must be a fire-type!"
Call me a terrible person, but I felt so much sick satisfaction because the student got distracted right away :D A week later, after guessing many different fire-types, I said:
"Here is your third hint: My favorite Pokémon does not receive quadruple damage from any type."
"How is that supposed to help!?"
Another week passed and the student has gone through every single fire-type Pokémon.
"How is this possible? I just suggested the last remaining fire-type and you are saying it's none of those! What gives?!"
"Here is your fourth hint: No one said it is a fire-type!"
"Wait a minute. Is there an attack that is two different types at the same time?"
Then I saw a light bulb lighting up inside his head!
"NO WAY! It's Hawlucha, isn't it?"
"Yes, it is! Good!"
"How didn't I figure it out? The worst part is, I have used Hawlucha a lot too! I hate you! You did this on purpose! I try guessing nothing, never again! Especially when YOU are asking!"
Don't worry, he does not hate me :) Oh boy, I just love being a teacher!

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading! You have a nice weekend :)
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