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selling Zigzagoon UFO! & other misc sales

Hi!! I've decided to part with my Zigzagoon UFO after long thought. I'm hoping he can go to someone who's after one as their grail as I've decided against collecting him seriously, as much as I've had a nice time owning such a cute plush! :) I feel there may be someone out there looking for him! He's in perfect condition, TTO. I WILL accept payment plans, if you're interested definately lmk <3 Meanwhile, I have added a few new things to my sales including some rare Tomy figures!
Thanks!!! <3

Sales permission granted by allinia on 6/11/14-

- I accept Paypal only. Prices are in USD.

- My feedback can be found here. Please make sure to view previous feedback.

- I refuse to sell to banned members.

- ALL pkmncollectors rules apply.

- Items come from a smoke free, but not pet free home.

- Payment is due within 24 hours.(If you need an item held or a payment plan, please let me know before committing so we can work it out)

-I can't do refunds, so please don't hesitate to ask about close ups or details!

- I ship within 3-7 days.

- Shipping is from Minnesota.

-Shipping includes materials(if needed)

-Prices don't include shipping unless otherwise stated.

- Please state if you are committed to the item you are interested in purchasing. If not, it may go to someone

- Once out of my hands, I am no longer responsible for the item if it gets lost or damaged.

- Please add your LJ username and what you bought in the note.

- Feedback appreciated and will be done in return!

- All items are legitimate unless otherwise stated

RARE Banpresto MINT TTO Zigzagoon UFO - $600 (Can do payment plans!)
It's in perfect condition, no matting. Tush tag is in perfect shape.

LEGIT 2007 Velboa Umbreon Pokedoll TTO, has S sticker - $35

Cyndaquil All Star NWT - $13
Custom Shiny Ditto - $20
Fuzzy Tomy Meowth - $5
Victini UFO NWT - $8
Alolan Meowth UFO NWT - $10
Tomy Dedenne NWT - $5
Dragonite All Star NWT - $13
Amaura, has hang tag - $5
Small Charizard, tush only - $5
Zygarde core NWT - $8
Laying Vulpix NWT - $10
Luvdisc, 2 have tang tags one only TTO, x3 - $5 each or $3 for the TTO one
Phione UFO damaged, can be fixed - $4
Small Charizard, tush only - $5

Sleeping Minun - $50
Tropius - $10
Milotic(some scuffs) - $10
Glameow, base yellowed - $10
Yellow Raichu - $5 each
Pearl Mega Mewtwo - $10
Munchlax - $4

Vintage fire type tin, has scratches (Vulpix,Flareon,Growlithe,Ponyta) - $10
Jolteon,Flareon and Vaporeon figure set - $10
Popplio and Pikachu set - $3
Eevee phone holder - $10
Pokemon cup MIP (Pikachu,Minun,Plusle,Rayquaza,Deoxys,Munchlax and Combusken) - $5
Yveltal DX figure (no stand? not sure if it came with one) - $5

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