accio abarero! (abarero) wrote in pkmncollectors,
accio abarero!

My Spring Secret Swap has arrived!

I was so surprised this morning when I found a package on my doorstep that I wasn't expecting, and even more surprised when I opened it up and realized it was my SSS gift from silvallyzel!

The first things I unearthed were the flats! I'm so excited to have a large playmat with two of my favorites on it and all the other flats are just covered in a lot of my favorite less-commonly merchandised Pokemon! I'm definitely going to have to figure out now how to display it!

And here's everything else! There's so many little things that I kept being surprised that the box it came in could hold it all!

But I wanted to single out these little goodies, because I'm so thrilled to get so many things for some of my top collections that have so little! I've been wanting that Ga-Ole Lurantis and I didn't even know about the dice with it, so I was very excited to see that. And then my lovely Volcarona and Braviary gifts! I'm super happy that I'll be able to add so many little pieces to my often neglected by official merch shelves in one day!

Thank you again silvallyzel so so much!

Tags: spring secret swap
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