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tretta gets post. anyone still remember tretta?

Went to Manila a couple months ago for fun, food and family. Didn't think I'd spend a lot of my pocket money at the arcade.


Above are what I decided to keep from my last play before the flight home. Below are hand me downs trettas for future generations ;)


Note the english names printed on. The game itself was also entirely in English, complete with asian-accented announcer.


REVIEW: The game was a hoot. Spent about $40 struggling and mashing to get Tyranitar and Garchomp, but to no avail. I got 4* Dialga out of what i assume is luck. The games still seem to have a dedicated player base over there, with players bringing in trapper-keepers full of extra trettas I have yet to own or noticed if the machines even had any.

And just showing off these NFC cards from the adjacent machines, Hero of Robots and Oreca Battle. These were just as fun, but was a lot more invested with collecting pokemon chips.

Wish I had more of these types games over in SoCal, the only thing being Dinosaur King til that disappeared, but arcades are still barely dead to this day over here.

If you're ever in Manila, look for the Q Power Station arcades in Shangri La Plaza, Mall of Asia and Rockwell Power Plant to name a few.


Oh yeah, found your majesty at a Toy Kingdom. Thanks for reading
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