LF stuff + Gets + Giveaway + Sales

Hey guys! I'm looking for stuff of these guys: Muk, Seel, Magikarp, Ponyta and Piplup!

I'm mostly looking for plush and figures. Please no flats or cards. I would also prefer each item be under $10, as most of the items I'm looking at on JP sites are below $10. 

Also, my collector's group on FB is doing a giveaway of the Lucky Day Pikachu figure that has sold out twice over. I managed to snag more than one so I'm giving it away to my group. You can find it here, please answer the questions if you request to join otherwise you will be declined. Mods let me know if I can't have this in my post.

I'll put my sales and gets below the cut.

I added a few things to my sales as well, I'm not going to use my banner due to my post already being large, so here's the link.

And here's a few gets:

Metagross Pokedoll, got him at a steal price. Absolute favorite in my collection ATM.

New additions to the figure collection. Includes all the Mewtwos, the Piplup in a bath, all the latis and the other lucky day pikachu (I now own two personally, the third is for my giveaway).


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