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A Few New Gets!

Hello again!

Just dropping in for another gets update. Pictures below the cut! ^-^

A handsome Pokebox Furret and a Lapras Pog from
A handsome Pokebox/d215lab Furret and a Lapras Pog from fdarkly

 A beautiful Pokebox Glaceon bookmark with some hand drawn fanart from tenkohime.

A Ziggy (and Linoone) lot!! I never thought I'd find a bunch of merch in one lot like this, so my poor Ziggy UFO isn't alone anymore. The crochet ones are adorable! :D  Thank you m14mouse!

BIG BOY Toothless from Target! I was actually hoping to just find one of the smaller ones and a Light Fury, but his box caught my eye on the top shelf and I couldn't resist!

The MPC Furret keychain is from arisamon, and the Glaceon/Eevee items are from reiadarkim. Thank you both so much for these lovely items!

Last, but certainly not least, are my gets from a fellow collector friend! The 1:1 Lillie's Alolapix with tags, a Tomy Alolapix, and what appears to be a custom beaniepix. xDDD

That's all for now. Til the next update! Also, I guess I should probably throw together a wants list at some point. Alas, I think there would be too much on it at the moment, unless I narrowed it down to grails and harder to find things. Hmm. Guess I will think on that haha.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: collection update, eevee, furret, glaceon, lapras, linoone, vulpix, zigzagoon
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