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Gets, small sales, wishlist

reposting so I can add cuts this time, forgot the first time sorry!

I have a few weeks before my other items come in, so here's an update!

First off, I wanna brag about my awesome Vday exchange gift I recieved!!

Tcg, stickers, holo sableye token, candies, and cute customs!

Custom resin charm I absolutely love!

Custom clay deino egg as well! My gifter really pulled out all the stops for a $15max exchange!

I had some extra moneys so I was finally able to order the rest of the Hydreigon line TCG cards I needed! Now they sit happily organized by set in my hydreigon mini tcg binder!

Also got a hydreigon sticker off etsy!

Also won this guy for $5! It was amazing! I've been needing this little hasbro beanie for my Sableye collection!

And finally I custom made myself a trinket box for all my hydreigon line items that dont really belong in my display cases! Painted and jeweled by me. Art on top, and the eggs are by myself as well. The pokemon Shuffle icons are not other than i traced and recolored the shiny versions from the official art. Im really happy with it though.

Got some risers for my figures so i had to reorganize my display cases!

And full collection photo 😍

Thanks for making it this far! Everything is in detail on my collection site here if you'd like to see it!



Tags: deino, gets, hydreigon, sableye, sales, wants, zweilous

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