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Customs Get + misc

I've gotten my first Zenmarket package and a custom or two recently! I have pictures of the second box's contents under the cut.

No pictures of my zenmarket parcel but in short I now have the Bandai model of Lunala (which hasn't been opened or assembled for now) and a small and shiny metal keychain of Lunala too!

Next is what I happened to make a custom order of...

no title
no title

My first Pokemon relevant custom plush!! 35 inches wingspan and I just am so thrilled. Made by Cryptic Enigma plushworks, this particular custom (of an OC of mine) has resin eyes and appliqued features. And that wasn't the only custom! Next up is a Steven Universe character!

no title

Rainbow 2.0 and his umbrella! 30 inches height. Peridot (small, from Renchan) happens to be seen in this picture for comparison.

I'm very impressed with the work done and it feels like I have an addiction to commissioning custom plushes.. Because I'm tossing around the idea of another Pokemon plush, this time by PollyRockets on Deviantart. I think I'd commission a Swoobat (at 20 inches height) and see where that takes me. I'd also consider a 2 foot height shiny Noivern... and I do have 2 existing quotes from them aside from that! I think starting with the Swoobat (probably also cheapest) will be more practical.

That's that for now! See you when I get something notable, hopefully!
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