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Re-re(...) Intro!!

Hello there everyone! Long time no see again, it seems like every time I make a new post its always a reintroduction since I can never seem to post consistently enough to be as recognizable on here, whoops ^^;

But yeah! Anyways, I'm latias_girl, and I've been a member on here since 2014! Jeez, time flies by so fast XD When I first started out on here I was in high school, but now I'm in college! It's crazy! I'll put a majority of this intro under cuts so it doesn't run for too long, but I'm still forever grateful to be a part of this community, and I hope to connect (and reconnect!) with all of you guys, and to continue to be a part of this awesome community!

So, as I've said in all of my intro posts, I started getting into Pokemon in 2009, (holy cow, a decade ago!) when my dad got me Pokemon Diamond and Platinum for my Nintendo DS Lite. I had only heard about Pokemon through some of my other friends in school, but I decided to try it out anyways since it seemed like they were all having fun. I ended up falling hard for Pokemon, going as far as to collect the cards too! The first set I bought packs for was Supreme Victors, and it was the commercial ad that they played on tv for it on Cartoon Network that got me into buying them, because I saw the Houndoom card on there and I fell in love with it! I never played the card game or got into hardcore collecting, I would just buy packs with my allowance every once in a while and look at the nice artwork, haha!

2012 was when my plush collecting craze began. It started out by buying the Jakks plush that I would see at
Target, and then it quickly snowballed from there. I got into collecting PokeDolls, Tomy, Banpresto, and all sorts of plush! I never really got into collecting a specific pokemon, but I did like to try to buy whatever caught my eye if I had the funds. And now my collection has overtaken my walls with shelves full of them! More on that later

Then one day, I saw the cutest plush and the one that I would covet for a long time: the Latias PokeDoll. As you could probably tell by my username, my favorite Pokemon is Latias, so when I saw her PokeDoll, I knew I wanted to own one someday. It took a while to find a legit one, as I was rather new to the collecting scene and did accidentally purchase a booty. But at last, I found her! I bought her off of eBay, and coincidentally it was someone from the community! But from then on, I found myself looking into plush online, and kept finding images leading back to this community.

As many members, I started off on this site as a lurker. I did not know what LJ was, and I was too shy to make an account to join, so I just stalked it every now and then. However, one day, I finally decided to join. I wish I had done so sooner! This community is so nice and welcoming, and I am so glad I joined! I expanded my collection through this community, and met some amazing people!

A little more on me, as I said my favorite Pokemon is Latias, but as indicated by my (new and also hand-drawn!) icon, my second favorite is Victini! Some other faves include Dragonite, Lapras, Turtwig, Smeargle, and the rest of the dog Pokemon!

So yeah, thank you for reading that, and now, onto my collection~

In my previous collection pics, I took extensive pictures to showcase every single piece of my collection. However, it has gotten so big that I feel like it would take forever to do that now, haha! So I just took some general pics just to get a sense of what is in my collection~

Plushies! My pride and joy!(some on shelves, some on a case, and even more in the drawer under my bed! (don't worry, they are safe and protected!))

Figures and Charms!

(Not pictured- my Amiibos and few other miscellaneous figures!)

My 2012 Year of the Dragon clearfile that I have hung up on the wall!

More not pictured- all my cards, manga, movies, shopper bags, stickers, and a few other things I'm sure I'm forgetting haha ^^;

Thank you for making it this far and getting to know a bit more about me! I hope you are having a wonderful day/night!!
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