charmeleon1991 (charmeleon1991) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Question about PMD Top Insight plush


Since a while back my interest in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon has grown a lot. It is also my favorite Pokemon spinoff game. I just love it! So i decided to start colleting PMD.

Not long ago i came across a Top Insight plush that resembles the Pokemon center PMD Chimchar plush. What’s different about it is that it’s actually some kind of bag/purse and the fabric is much softer. It also has a zipper and some kind of (shoulder) strap.

My question is: Does the Taiwanese Top inSight company make original plush or are they bootleggers?
I ask this because This is my first Top Insight plush and because it resembles the Pokemon center Chimchar so much. I also don’t know very much about the company and Can’t find any information about the Chimchar.

Thank you for your 'Insight' <3

The Top Insight plush is on the right. Pokemon center on the left.

Hangtag pics and back plush below the cut.

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