raichumitzu (raichumitzu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Long time no see!

Hello community!

It surely has been such a long time since I’ve actually posted in live journal. Once I was on my way to college, I stopped posting on here due to the demands of schoolwork. That was almost nine years ago (yikes!). I took a couple years off collecting and unfortunately I had to sell a few of my raichus to buy textbooks (including my holy Grail, the bell Raichu plush). Needless to say, I’m in a much better financial position and I started to seriously collect more about two years ago or three years ago, but I honestly forgot about this community! I’m sure that most of the people that I have been used to seeing are no longer even active! I have a few new gets, and I am actively searching for more raichu merch, especially the bell raichu plush (preferably with tags), the squished alolan raichu pokedoll (I have the regular version already), the regular raichu pokedoll, the matsuri mascot raichu plush and many others. If you have raichu merch to sell, post here! :)


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