clicky797 (clicky797) wrote in pkmncollectors,

ISO Articuno want!

Hello everyone! :) I recently saw that the Pokemon cafe has started giving out coasters with the legendary birds on, and of course I definitely need the Articuno one for my collection! :D
I unfortunately missed out on the only one I could find on Y!J because of being at work, so I'm hoping someone on here might have one to sell or be able to help me get one. Here is a pic of the stunning coaster below:

These are being given out at random when you buy a drink at the Pokemon Cafe in Japan. There is also an Articuno straw piece on the Articuno drink, and possibly an Articuno place mat (which I'm also looking for) but the coaster is my top priority.
If anyone goes to Pokemon Cafe and gets one please let me know! :) I'd love to buy it from you, or trade something from my sales post. Thanks for your help! ^-^

Tags: articuno, wants
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