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SSS Post! Lucarios and Zeraora!


It's that time of year again! SSS Time! Zeraora welcomes you. :)  I have to thank pepperzark for all the wonderful Lucario and Zeraora merch....I have the Lucario Pokedoll at one time but lost it so to have it again is magical!  And the Zeraora figures add to my growing Zera collection. X_X  Thanks so much!  Look below for the SSS!

The envelope is so great!  I'm keeping it for the art alone. lol

Thanks for the wonderful card!  Zeraora laughing is such a wonderful surprise.  You really made my day! :)

Not pictured is the sheer amount of Sweet Tarts candies...THANK YOU.  I don't have to go shopping for sweets anytime soon. lol The Lucario Pokedoll was an awesome gift but equally so were these Zeraora figures--I've been wanting the one with the Pokeball so thanks and the Tomy I purchased but it's always good to have another.  Again, THANK YOU PEPPERZARK!! You are so awesome! :)
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