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Some Card Gets! And Possible Trade?

Hello everyone! So I know I haven't been actively collecting cards since around the time I first got into Pokemon, but I do occasionally look into buying some cards that catch my eye every now and then! So I started looking into Pokemon card collecting channels on youtube and kind of semi-reintroduced myself to the current card community (sort of, I still only collect cards that I like and not at all for set completion or for the game itself) and I found out some neat cards that have been released in the years that I hadn't been looking into the cards that have been released!

Also, I have a card that I'd like to perhaps propose a trade with, so see all the details under the cut!

I found out that the recent team up set has cards featuring the Lati duo! So I went to ebay and found these guys in a lot, so I'm probably going to look into the alternative full art gx card as well as the holos sometime later, but my wallet hasn't liked me recently, haha.

Anyways, I'd like to propose a trade if anyone is interested!

So a few years back I got a little lot of the Japanese Hau promo cards when they were released, and I found out that they did end up releasing this card in English! So I was wondering if anyone has the English card, and maybe wouldn't mind trading one of my Japanese versions of the card for an English version?

I do not have sales permission, but I do have over 10 positive feedback! My feedback can be found here:

Thanks for reading and have a nice day/night!
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