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SSS 2019 Arrived!!

Yesterday was a very special day! March 20th is my birthday and also my Anniversary. It was such a surprise that on this day I see, These 2 on a package:

Right then I knew my SSS had arrived and it was such a great surprise on the best day. It was time to dig in right away!!!

I could already tell that this was going to be a fun adventure. I was so excited to open everything that I did not end up getting progress pictures but I did leave my note for last.

Here is everything together:

I loved everything ❤️ I am always so happy every year when SSS comes around because of the amazing people in this community. This year was no exception to that. Thank you so much to my gifter fdarkly. Each item was perfect, I have been looking for a nice mirror for quite awhile and the ninetales/vulpix one is beautiful! All of the charms are so cute and I have actually looked at your sales before multiple times wanting to buy some. Lycanroc is happily sitting on my desk at work and is a great addition to my plush family. The Vaporeon clearfile and notebook are so cool I really do love stationary, and the face on the clearfile makes me smile each time I look at it. Gummies are so good and these are my favorite brand too! The bag is so cute I can't wait to use it and it reminded me that it's time to go back into Pokemon Ultra sun to hatch a shiny Rockruff lol.

Last but not least... A Custom Shiny Arcanine Pokedoll!!! There is a little story behind this. I actually don't collect Arcanine myself but my fiance' does. I have always wanted to get him a custom Arcanine but very often have had a hard time finding the perfect commissioner or the funds to do so. I am just beyond words on how amazing this Arcanine is and my fiance' loved him. Since it was also our anniversary it was a great surprise for him and I couldn't be happier. It was just perfect!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made my birthday and anniversary even more amazing.
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