starfaky (starfaky) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GETS and A BIG custom plush


one of my classmates makes plushies and i commissioned her for one of my trubbish ;v;
it's gonna join my collection and wanted to share that really cool work ;v;

here it is compared to the ditto trubbish plush

also some other gets :
a custom charm i found in an online shop  ;v; and some figures ;v;

and finnally : a WIP of my pokemonsona (reuniclus) in clay , still needing some paint !

some stuff i bought here during the last month are still slowly arriving ;;; but i'll make sure to update on it asap
and soon a new collection update <3 
Tags: custom, gets, gigalith, golurk, plush, reuniclus, trubbish
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