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Yes I still exist a.k.a. reintroduction! + a few gets

Sooooooooooooooo... :D

I haven't posted "in a while" (besides the occasional iso post).

Long story short: a lot has gone on in my life, good and bad, and I spent the last half year in Boston where I also visited New York, Washington D.C. and Harlingen and Houston in Texas! Now I'm back in Germany, and I have tons of free time atm, so I thought to myself, why not make a post for a change?

This Charmander Build a Bear I got in NYC in January! It was one of the best experiences, so special! Def one of my all time favorite plush, love him so much <3

So, since I haven't written anything on the community for so long, why not reintroduce myself? My name is Julia, I live in Germany and am currently striving to be a children's book author/illustrator one time - nearing the end of my studies of literature and art.
I'm really into movies, dinosaurs, and generally animals besides Pokemon, and I not only have a Pokemon collection, but also a decent amount of plush just in general, and a smallish horde of dinosaur models :)

I am actually not at all into video games besides Pokemon, not bc I don't like it but simply because there's only so and so many hobbies you can make time for.
I started playing Pokemon with Yellow version when I was 9ish, and kept playing through gen2 during my childhood, so I'm a good old Pokemania child and gen1 is my favorite to this day bc what is one to do about nostalgia? :D I stopped playing Pokemon like many others during my earlier teenage years even though I kept replayed the gen1 and 2 games from time to time, and I got back into Pokemon around the time gen6 came out. But I haven't even finished Moon yet let alone Ultra Sun/Moon bc I'm bad at finishing games. I sadly won't be able to play the new games bc I don't have a Switch but I'll probably watch some let's plays then.

And here are all my favorite Pokemon!

I really have a looot of favorites and these are only my "real favorites", I could actually go on and on with more Pokemon for which I have a huge soft spot and all.

So, anyways, here are some of my most favorite gets from the whole last year.

First, this awesome fiery boi <333

Let's be honest, each of us has their [insert gen and type] special boi, right? So for gen 2 and just in general, my soft spot starter Pokemon definitely has to be the Cyndaquil line. I loved playing Soul Silver and remember when I walked through puddles and Quilava being grumpy because of it and the way he used to follow me when he turned into Typhlosion. I love him so much! I was nearly freaking out when I saw they released a PC plush, so I'm glad I finally found one pre-owned (which is the only type of merch I get). Couldn't be any happier, he is so perfect, I'm in love n_n (Now, a Quilava plush, pls!!!)

Alolan Rattata Tomy and Rattata fit plush! I'm so happy I finally found them pre-owned too, look how cute they are together. Rattata has gotten its time to shine recently and I'm so happy to finally have some official plush next to my two customs :)
Also, fun fact, I'm actually in the midst of preparing a home for my very own pet rats I'm picking up from the shelter in a few days :)

LARGE NOIVERN CUSTOM PLUSH!!!!! <333 Omg guys, this! This is one of my most precious things in my collection. It's made by Renchanshop on etsy and they really make amazing big custom plush for great prices!
I actually got Noivern with my Birthday money a year ago already and you can't believe how sad I was that I had to leave her behind when I went to Boston! But now I am back and can look at and cuddle with this beautiful plush again. She is the heart of my Noivern collection and really maybe even the heart of my whole Pokemon collection because she is so special <3 I am so mad the Pokemon Company haven't released an official Noivern plush yet.

Next up is the latest Tomy Charizard plush! This is hands down my favorite Charizard plush now, it's so awesome! In the second photo, you can see him with my 2013 Tomy Charizard. It's so cool to have two different versions like this. The older one looks more "female" maybe and chubbier, and it has some sort of felty rough material on the belly while the other one has minky. I prefer the latter. I also love the wings. They're huge and they are supported with hard material inside all throughout the whole wing, not just the top, which is also cool imo. This is definitely one of the coolest plush in my collection.

And last but not least, here's my whole collection!

I only have space to display the majority of my plush (however, some are in storage atm). All my figures are in storage atm too. Looks a bit crammed but oh well, I still love my Pokemon shelf!
I'm proud of my small Pokedoll collection which has quite a few rare ones such as the 2002 Natu Pokedoll. I have two Natus, an American and Japanese release which is just perfect! Butterfree, named Hermione, was my first rare Pokedoll that I got back in 2013 when I started collecting. But I'm not a rarity hunter by any means - in fact I prefer my plush not to be rare lol. But some of my favorite Pokedolls just happened to be rare, so I had to hunt them down - which I love and hate at the same time. And then again, I always feel kinda accomplished whenever I manage to finally snag a rare plush I've been seeking out for ages. It feels kind of special to have such a rare and special plush.

Well, I guess that was it for now!
I'm already looking forward to getting my SSS gift :) It's now the 5th year in a row that I am participating and I am really excited to see is my gifter this time around :>
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