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Detective Pikachu merch

So it seems the plush and figures have started to hit stores!

However, they aren't actually supposed to be there, lol. According to quite a few target employees, these aren't supposed to be released until next month. It's supposed to have it's own display and everything, which a lot haven't gotten to setting up yet.  If your target doesn't have them — I'd wait it out — some have them and they're in the back or they're in transit and will be there next week. I went to mine earlier (and called about 5 others) and some have them out due to miscommunication, others are holding them (mine has 10 pikachu in the back, one mewtwo on the rack but none of the others, lol).

I did however find that not a lot of them have the figures? Only the plush. Mine however had all of the figures and only one plush. Here's the figures I got:

I got Psyduck and Pikachu for someone who didn't end up wanting them if anyone would like to buy them for retail plus shipping. Mewtwo's head is kinda small but he definitely looks better than the plush, lol. I'll post an up close pic of the plush under the cut.

A friend of mine took this picture of the ones near her, and I saw one up close (which had horrid stitching on the stomach so I didn't get it). They're funny looking for sure lol


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