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New choco egg figs for sale!

Hi guys!

Long time no see! :O (at the end of the post I posted couple words of explanation why I wasn't here much lately ;-;)
I've got some choco eggs so now I have a bunch of figs for sale!
Within 2 weeks I'll have next batch of 30 figs, right now there's 20 of them.


Check cut for details!

All figures come with inserts, if you want your figures to be shipped with boxes please let me know! (it will increase shipping cost).

$7 - Alola Dugtrio - Secret figure - 2 figs available
$9 - Alola Vulpix - 1 fig available
$8 - Lycanroc - 3 2 1 fig available
$6 - Pyukumuku - 1 fig available
$6 - Dartrix - 4 figs available
$7 - Alola Marowak - 2 figs available
$4 - Snorlax - 2 figs available
$5 - Bewear - 3 2 figs available
$7- Brionne - 1 fig available
$5 - Komala - 1 fig available

I haven't see these for sale anywhere, but maybe I wasn't looking in right places so I'm not sure about prices, if you want to haggle a bit - go for it.

Shipping is $2 for up to 2 figures and $4 for 3 figures and more.
Registered shipping is $6.


- All PKMNcollectors community rules apply.
- I will not sell to banned or non members.

- Sales permission granted by areica96 on August 1st, 2015
- You'll find my feedback here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/ku_bek
- Please remember to leave feedback after you receive your order ^-^

- Prices are in USD and I will accept PAYPAL ONLY
- Payment due 24 hours since the moment I give you total
- Buyers are responsible for any Paypal fees incurred ($.30 + 3,9%)
- I'm OPEN TO HAGGLING if you're buying more than 2 items ^o^

- Shipping is from Poland (Europe) and I do ship worldwide!
- I'm not responsible for lost items if you chose non-registered shipping method!
Only registered mail comes with tracking number and insurance.

Shipping price:
up to 50g. - $2 worldwide
up to 350g. - $4 worldwide
registered - $6 worldwide

* Shipping to Europe - mostly 5-10 days.
* Shipping to USA/Canada - mostly 7-14 days.
I'm not familiar with shipping time to other countries, sorry!

And that's it!

And here's why I wasn't active comm member lately:

So... over one year ago I started my business, at first it wasn't really successful but finally after few months, I think in the middle of 2018, I finally got some clients and it skyrocketed. I had so much work that I literally worked for 14 hours a day and couldn't do anything else for like 5 months >.< XD But thanks to that I was able to to make one of my dreams come true and at the beginning of this month I've opened illustration/comic gallery in my hometown Cracow, named bubipop! Right now I have only one, but really good client and my own gallery and finally I will have more time and I sure hope to come back to pkmncollectors and collecting fully! It's still pretty busy but I'm trying to be more organized ;-; :D

I know that because of my absence I was late with shipping and replying ;-; and I'm really sorry for that, but I think that I've sorted everything out, if not - please PM me!

From the other news -I got an amazing SSS package lately *o* so I will post photos soon! Probably before the weekend :3 Just need to find a minute to take those pics!
Thanks for looking, hope you're all good!
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