darandomfandom wrote in pkmncollectors

Pokédoll Wants

Incredibly blessed to have completed my Hoenn trio! Took a risk and ordered off Rakuten where they didn't provide pictures of Swampert- but he arrived in pristine condition :D

(Thank you pika_lex for Sceptile- I'm so happy to have joined such a wonderful community)

Here's my current wants list (it would be amazing if you happen to know where I might be able to find them/ if you're selling):

Top priority:  Houndour, Altaria

Others: Absol, Noctowl, Natu

(N.b I know there is the $399 Houndour on ebay but the seller doesn't ship internationally, and I find the $169 Altaria on Ebay is rather pricey for its condition) 

Really looking forward to posting more pictures of my collection and recent gets on my insta [@darandomfandom]- thank you guys so much!


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