kiiwishes wrote in pkmncollectors

Want list!

Hey! This is my first proper entry here but I figured I'd make a post for some stuff I'm looking for!

Pokedolls: eeveeloutions, excluding espeon! (preferably the older Umbreon, but I'm open to the new style too), shinx, lycanroc, mimikyu

I LOVE EIEVUI Eeveelutions Sitting (5.5") Vaporeon, leafeon, eevee

Mix Au Lait plush

Ditto transform: eeveeloutions, kanto and alolan vulpix, lapras

1:1: alolan vulpix

tomy eeveeloution keychains, excluding slyveon and glaceon

Pokemon center plush sleeping eeveeloutions

sanei kanto vulpix

pokemon center shiny mimikyu, alolan marowak

 kanto and alolan Kutsurogi Time Banpresto Prize Plush


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