sleepypandashop (sleepypandashop) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking to order from + special wants

Hello community!
Im looking for someone trustworthy to help me order from the PC online site! (Maybe do a group order if you're looking for something too?) Im in Canada so I'm not really able to do it myself. I have over $50 in items picked out so it would qualify for free shipping in the states, I just need someone who is able to ship it up to me!

I would like to wait a week or two before putting though this order if possible though because it's actually my second time doing this, I had an IRL friend help me out and its appeared that she's ghosted me as she's been ignoring me for about 4 months.. I've tried to contact her again but I'm not really expecting to hear anything back.

As for wants I'm really just looking for the Pokebox leafeon coin! (again rip)
If anyone has one they're willing to part with or know of anyone who has one they might be willing to let go of please let me know ^-^

Thanks everyone!
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