mollykateisabel wrote in pkmncollectors

Hunting for Hasbro Pokemon Plush/Chansey Banpresto

Hello there community! I am hunting for some of the hasbro pokemon plush and I was wondering if I could buy from or trade with someone! I am also in the market for a Banpresto Chansey plush. The ones I am looking for are:

Skitty Hasbro 2004/2005

Spoink Hasbro 2004/2005

Corphish Hasbro 2004/2005

Banpresto Chansey any year

I am looking for any kind of skitty plush honestly for a reasonable price :) I have some items I am willing to trade for one of them. I do prefer to buy though if anyone is offering. I have already looked on ebay and mercari. Please let me know if you are selling or know a seller. Thanks! 


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