gusokumusha (gusokumusha) wrote in pkmncollectors,

some isopod wants

Hey long time no post! I'm not gonna put my recent gets here since i honestly can't remember the last time i posted and everything i got since then, so i'm just gonna post some wimpod/golisopod things i've been looking for!

Please let me know if you have any of this for sale and i'll check it out

Gaole chips (these are the 3 variants i know of, if there's more i'd definitely be interested)

Pan sticker (i think that's what it is? if there's a wimpod i'd want that too)

Stickers (just the golisopod one is necessary, preferably cut out of the page. if you have the whole page though i'll take it)

More stickers (again just the golisopod ones are necessary, i really like this art though so i'd want the whole page if you have it)

Wimpod shattered holo card (from ultra shiny i think)

Hyaku poke yako can badge

That's all i can really think of right now, there's probably more but i can't remember at the moment. If you have these or really anything else wimpod/golisopod related tell me and i'll check it out!

thanks for reading!
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