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Officially Starting a Latias collection! And Still Looking for a Trade!

Hello all! So after years of collecting, I think I've decided to actively try to start a Latias collection! So I've been extensively looking through sites like eBay, Mercari, the US PokeCen site, and Y!J for Latias items, and seeing the vast array of Latias items! It's definitely going to be a gradual process, but for now I'm probably going to stick with plushies, charms, figures, cards, and buttons.

As a result, I've added 2 new items to my collection! Pics under the cut~


The Latias Pokemon Time charm and big PokeCen plush! I won the PT charm in an eBay auction at it's starting bid, so lucky! And I got the Latias PokeCen plush almost immediately after they restocked her on the center site about a week ago. I was so sad to have missed my chance on getting her the first time that she was available, and I was sure I was going to have to buy it for +$50 for one, but I was overjoyed to see she was restocked! She is incredibly soft, and I can see why there's such a hefty price on her. I've been cuddling her ever since I took her out of her packaging <3

Also, I'm still looking to see if someone is willing to trade my Japanese Hau promo card for its English counterpart, the Hau full art trainer card from Guardians Rising! (I do not have sales permission, but I do have over 10 feedback. You can find my feedback page here: )

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day/night!
Tags: cards, charms, gets, latias, plush, raichu, trading
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