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Spring Secret Swap 2019 Arrival!

My Spring Secret Swap from mewisme700 arrived today! Come on in to see more! :D

After much freaking out and excitement, I managed to get the box open to this lovely note

Haha birthday girl wrapping paper is great! I love pink, so I was the happiest clam.

Look at all the goodies! *excitement intensifies*

These stickers are so great! I put them up on my wall already, I like to tape stickers and other art bits and bobs up on my wall.

I DIDN'T HAVE HIM HE IS SHAPED LIKE A FRIEND AND I LOVE HIM THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! He's been on my list since I saw the art for him, I think he is by far the cutest Poke Pop that has been released.

Treats! Though I am loathe to destroy this adorable packaging, I will most certainly be trying these tonight!

MAREEPIE SHEEPIES!!!!!! I love this so much, it's such a great size. I'm going to put my little mom friend purse pharmacy supplies in it :D

Okay, this note really made me laugh, my husband would do the exact same thing. As it was, he was sitting next to me as I opened the parcel and he got one as well. I was actually so stoked to try these because I have been a weeb of varying intensity for over 12 years now and I have never tried them. They were so delicious and lightly flavored, yum!

Yum! Love the treats :D

This is so cute and useful! I've actually been wanting to collect more clearfiles and notebooks are ALWAYS useful. I am just in love with the winking Pikachu face, and the fact that you push the pen's little ears down!!

Just had to test the pen! I have to say both red and black are pretty much the most useful color combination!

Thank you so so so much, mewisme700! Getting my SSS parcel today really made my day.
(Also, I definitely went and followed your instagram and also I love your Pokemon Center NY page, it's so so cool to see a record of something I would have loved to have seen in person!)

Best Wishes!

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