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Monthly gets!

Hey everyone! I have a good bit of gets I've recieved lately, so here we go!

Here are my sales as well-

And heres my collection site if you wanna see anything in better detail! My wants are listed there as well!

Now to the Gets!

Let's start off with this little gremlin! I bought him from the lovely sugar0coated after the one I won in an auction got canceled.

Next, I went to a new arcade that opened up locally with a friend when I found this little guy! I used all my tickets on him, and even though it was probably cheaper just to buy it off ebay, you can't beat the feeling of winning it yourself lol.

I finally picked up this WCT from walmart... I was too lazy to get him sooner in all honesty...but I have him now!! Lol

Snagged this off of Etsy! It's a cosmetic bag, but it fits my ds and my games perfectly! I had to get 2 lol. They're the same pouch as well, the fronts and backs are what's shown above. I adore how it has my little Deino baby AND my Sableye babes! It's by LabIllustrations if you wanna check them out, they have different types made as well. This Dark type one is sold out now though.

Tcg binder, won this in auction for $3 so yeah lol. Its perfect for holding my Hydreigon line TCG cards (which now I have them all! Yay!).

Found out about this comic book and i just had to get it!!! Now I will forever ship Hydreigon and Gothitelle though lol.

Last, but not least, I got this little cutie. I adopted him third-hand lol. I didn't commission him, but I do love him, and now he has a home with me.

Thank yall for making it this far! Here's my full collection! Be sure to check out my website for my wants list, or if you want a closer look at anything!

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