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Colorful gets!

Hello everyone, I'm back with another collection update to share!

Be warned, that this is super image heavy.

First up is the Mimikyu pokedoll. I'm slowly inching my way to catching up with all the Pokemon Dolls plush.

Took a trip to target, and picked up the Sylveon headband I've wanted for a while. They're sitting on top of a large Eevee plush x3 Future sylveon?

First box of gets from my middleman. Many colorful treasures in this box!

Many colors <3

Still catching up with these dolls. I'm slowly warming up to them.

I decided to get Infernape, since I loved his plush design. It makes him ultra poseable, and I spent a good hour putting him in differnt poses, holding things, etc.

I decided to get an eevee tamagotchi. I was really hoping that she'd evolve into sylveon.

... 2 days later...

Too much midnight snacking her here XD;; oops. Umbreon's cool though!

I feel in love with the mix-au-lait plush when I saw them. I didn't expect them to be so big though.

I also love the color pallete chosen for these plush too, and the design is reminecent to the old micky mouse cartoons.

I can't stop looking at them, they're so great!

I think my fav has to be Leafeon and her floppy ears.

Rotomdex from neutralemotions <3 Thank you so much for the cute little goodies!

My box of preordered gets from polahbear! I've been anticipating these for a while <3

Thank you so much!!

More stuff for the Porygon corner! I love the folder being a sea of virtual mons.

The re-ment porygon is a phone holder.


I was so happy to see Trubbish get a bit of love from this line <3

Mareep is so ridiculous it's funny, and cute.

Cute Pokedoll house items <3 Chansey is so clever, as her egg is a small pillow.

Oh look, a pic of me being a trash-potato.

Poseable plush! I picked my favorites! I love the shade of blue swampert is, and I love putting tiny pokeplush on torterras back.

What's better then one Meganium?

It's two of them!

My package from shiny_vulpix came in, even the rotomdex from kacey from fb.

Funny thing, in my pokemon comics, I have a Servine featured in them, but I never got a plush of her until now.

I also needed more Mudkips for my collection too!

Went to target to pick up the MHA movie, and came out with Ludicolo too XP It's actually really cute!

Next box from my middleman, and my second last, before anime boston.

I was so happy to get my female magikarp and running mudkip <3

I was in a mini bid war for this Mystery Dungeon Mudkip that was mint in the package. No regrets!

Other then Gates to Infinity, I always chose Mudkip as the leader every chance I got, mainly choosing Pikachu as my partner (in one game, I did choose Turtwig as a partner)

Size comparison of the 2010 oshawott vs the 2018 oshawott!

2018 is a huge chunko.

2010 Samurott vs the 2019 Samurott. Big difference.

I love how the re-release made enhancements from the old one. Stuffed whiskers, instead of flat pieces of fabric.

Final verdict. The recent releases. Go for em!

I so prefer Oshawott's newer design, though it doesn't seem to have the charm that the 2010 one has.

After a while I decided to hang up my Rayquaza's to the ceiling of my gaming room/secret base.

Here's the shiny one.

Now he can look down on me condinsendingly as I play my games.

Next, I got a new shelf to display my kutakutas.

Close up of them all so far. Only missing 3 (Quagsire, sleeping pikachu, and the big sleepy pika)

Time for work gets!

I found these two in the garbage when throwing away old clothes. I pulled these two out and bought them ;_;

Two Gogoats! I may not be keeping them.

Last but not least, This Pikachu with a Heatran tin!

That concludes this collection update. Thanks for looking everybody, until next time!

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