Runnerrabbit (runnerrabbit) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SSS Gets and Reintroduction!

Hey everyone! I've been on and off this community a few times since like 2013? But I am back with a VENGEANCE and by vengeance I mean I finally managed to put together a collection website! If you're interested, you can check it out >>here!<<
I collect Silvally, Sceptile, and Espurr but my main big favorite collection is Zoroarks! I'm currently at 118 unique items and with my Secret Spring Swap package from lordboop arriving in, theres about to be one more (minus the adorable drawing on the box)!

Opening up, we're greeted with a lovely note and a wonderful little assortment of easter candies! I'm a sucker for Airheads and Chupa Chups are surprisingly hard to find where I live so I am gonna DIG IN.

Now let's move all this tissue paper aside and Oh my gosh!!!!


It's an absolutely ADORABLE little laying down Zoroark plush!

I could not stop snapping pictures of it because just look! That smug little expression! That perfect laying pose! The big hair!

This embroidery! Custom plush from other artists are such a treat to see up close and to own one myself is even better! Plush are my favorites of collectible items and after tracking down all the official ones I could find, I'm just over the moon to see something new!

Welcome to the group and thank you so so so much lordboop for making it happen! Happy Secret Spring Swap, everyone!

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