nintenbro64 (nintenbro64) wrote in pkmncollectors,

i´m new and i want stuff! XD

Hi guys i´m new on the page! and i need your help to find some items! i´m a huge collector but i´m focusing this year in completing my Gym Badges wall frames, i already have in my collection: The Kanto Gym Badges original from Pokemon Center Japan and the Kalos Limited run of 300 wich i customised a bit... (i can show you later), Now i just bought the cheap ebay Symbol pins from Battle Frontier, i already made the plaque design but i found Kora Cat was selling the better set and i have been looking for it for a while (i even contacted them), If you guys know someone who has a spare set or want to sell just say an ammount and i´ll buy them Right Away! i´m posting a pic of them and the design i made (i will be mounting the ebay cheap ones but i hope you can help me get the better ones.

Thanks for your time and i hope you can help me get this set! :D
Tags: 1st gen, offers, wanted
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