fairychrissy (fairychrissy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Spring Swap gift!

Today I came home to my swap gift!

First thing I saw when I came home from work!

bottledketchup was my gifter! I love the little doodle at the bottom!

Next, there was this cute artwork! The flower crowns are so cute!

The gifts!

First thing I went for was the Vulpix! I have the Alolan version of this Crystal Season mascot so now it has a buddy!

Next up, TCG card!  This one of the cutest promo cards! I love food themed merchandise!

The last TCG card! The Sapporo promotion is one of my absolute favorites and this card so adorable!

Vulpix with you badge! I have the Alolan Vulpix badge of this but kept putting off buying this. I love the artwork!

And lastly, the Popplio Yokohama acrylic keychain! I was able to get the Litten but always missed getting Popplio for a reasonable price

Everything together! Thank you so much BottledKetchup! I love everything <3

Tags: popplio, sss, tcg, vulpix
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