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Whoo~! Monthly Gets Time!

Hello again, y'all! Time for another gets update to the collection. Pictures below the cut! (Warning: Image Heavy!) ^-^

First up is a lovely custom from vulpes_canis. She came out wonderfully in her simplified style! <3 <3 <3

Such a lovely gal. ^-^

Pan Sticker <3

Gaole chips! I recently found out about these lovely game chips from roaming around eBay looking for Battrio chips. They are much bigger than I expected too. ^-^

Glaceon, Eevee, Vulpix, Arcanine/Growlithe, Zorua Gets ^-^

A Glaceon Dot Sprite phone strap from tdotakichan.

Get Kuji Figure from sugar0coated.

Legacy Cards gets!! SOOO happy they still had the Glaceon my151 tile in stock. Everywhere else was like WAAY expensive for just the one. >.<

Some new flats/badge additions for my collections! Thanks to orunitier.

Some lovely figures, a can badge, and some awesome Korean pogs from stocky101.

More gaole gets! Got my own mini collection of these guys started! ^-^

EEVEE PUPPERS!! xDDD  Also some lovely acrylic charms I was needing in my life, courtesy of pokemontrader.

A few flats gets from some card lots, courtesy of  m14mouse

EEVEES, LAPRAS', and ZORUAS-- Oh MY! Thanks to shiny_vulpix!
I think I will need to rearrange my Eevee plush display around though, to make some more room for future additions. ^-^

Eevee Egg! Courtesy of sugar0coated <3


DICE?! Where have you been all my life?! And dang! These guys were definitely bigger than I originally thought too. O.o Makes them that much more awesome!




A huge thank you to alittleloved on the unofficial Discord channel for these wonderful grail items! I cannot thank you enough! ^-^

Guess that's it for now. I hope to run to my nearest hobby store sometime this week to get a few things to make some display ideas come to life soon. I need something to do on my days off that aren't straining my eyes in the darkness ahaha. Maybe I can throw together a wishlist too (although narrowing that down might take some time xD). Til the next update. ^-^

Happy Collecting!
Spooky <3
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