fairychrissy (fairychrissy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

3.31.19 Two weeks of Merch News!

Sorry for missing last weeks roundup!
Todays post will be a long one!

Merch Announcements

In June 2019, Mini Colored papers will be released. More info here

No image yet, but new kids for the Mewotwo movie are releasing in July. More information can be found here

New images released for Leaf Kotobukiya figure. More information can be found here.

Sepia Graffiti Acrylic stands releasing in April

New Mofu Mofu Eevee merchandise releasing in April

April Banpresto prize schedule + clearer images

New Lovisa cosmetics products releasing in April

Sepia Graffiti Keychains releasing in April

Yellow themed gacha set releasing in June

Riding with Latias/Latios promotion announced for April 6th

Holiday night lottery releasing on July 3rd

Memo boards? releasing in May

Rubber keychain things releasing in April

Wireless chargers releasing in May and June

Pikachu Trunk belt thing releasing in April

Pikachu and Eevee things releasing in July

Can't find a release date for this, but lots of Detective Pikachu goodies

April Sega Prizes

Thunderbolt Pikachu mascot releasing in some places. More information can be found here

2 gacha sets releasing in July

Jigsaw puzzle releasing in June

Mini clear files releasing in April

Merch Released

Tote bag available for a limited time. More information can be found here

Pikachu stationary

Baby Pokemon Banpresto prizes

New Pan sticker album

Eeveelution Gacha set

Marill Banpresto

New Pan Stickers

Tomy Meltan Plush

Pikachu handkerchief

Banpresto prizes released

A Kanto gacha set was released

Various pokeball pouches

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