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Gets + Detective Pikachu card sales

Hey guys! The detective Pikachu cards just came out in my area (even though they aren't set to release until Friday) and I bought two of the sets! I'll put my gets in one cut, and my sales of extra cards and a few other things in another cut.

First in my gets, my tamagotchi, glow in the dark mew, pikachu with ball-o-yarn and shiny treecko kid!

Next. my small WCT Pikachu! I got the life sized one also but gave that away when I got the small one.

I got this display from the Target guy! He said they just throw em away anyways so I could have it.

Next up, my full collection table as of right now! This is excluding my sister's special eevee table and my large plush I Can't fit on the table, as well as the plush I've got in Japan right now (Easter Pikachu, Sakura-Afro Pikachu).

Lastly, my sad baby!

Not a get but a cute find — I found this mini raichu at gamestop earlier today. He is SO cute.

I'm going to put my card gets in the same place as my sales so I don't have to reuse pictures. Basically, I'm selling all the ones I got multiples of. They're $1 each, pwe shipping is $1 and tracked is $3. My sales permission is below the other cut.

Here's my super rare gets tho:

Charizard! I'm also selling the Jumbo card for $5 since I don't like jumbos.

I also have code cards if anyone would be interested in buying those as well.

I'm selling this pack for what I bought it for retail — I bought it as a pickup but the buyer doesn't have the money. It's $8 plus shipping.

 I'm selling this stuff as well cause I just don't have room for it anymore. Plusle is $1, Mix au lait espeon is $4, My dearest mirror is $15, metagross chibi figure is $2. I'm taking offers on the lati lot as I would REALLY prefer not to split it. I got a lot of it for a friend who no longer wanted it.

❤ Sales permission granted on November 21st, 2018 by areica96. 

❤ Feedback can be found here ! 

❤  Paypal only!

❤ All Community rules apply. 

❤ Shipping is from USA. 

❤ Buyer is responsible for all shipping and fees. 

❤ Shipping starts at 3.50 for bubble mailers and 1.00 for PWE flats. 

❤ Once an item is out of my hands, it is no longer my responsibility. 

❤   Items will usually be shipped within one week. I do however have  classes and work, and I don't get home before the post office closes. So  if the mail has already come I might not get them out on that day. 

❤ My prices are based off of how much I personally paid for the item, item condition and listings of the same item elsewhere. 

❤ No backing out of commitment. If you do, you will be banned from my sales and negative feedback will be left.


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