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Collection Update: Nendoroid 998 Green!

Hello all! It has been quite some time since my last post. I have been wanting to make collection updates on my Pokedolls periodically, but every time I thought to, I would remember that I had something coming in the mail that I'd want to include. So I ended up putting it off again and again. ^_^"

But today, I bring you something different! I recently began to collect Nendoroids, and decided I would get some of the Pokemon ones. When I saw Green pop up earlier this year, I was super excited and made sure to preorder him. And luckily, he came in this week!

I decided to go ahead and take a bunch of pictures and post them under the cut for those who were interested! I also added some of my thoughts on this guy. I know that sometimes I enjoy seeing non-stock photos of some figures before picking them up, so hopefully these are helpful for some people! I'm certainly not a photographer, but I hope you all enjoy! There are quite a few pictures, so heads up.

Here are some images detailing the overall box design! I really enjoy the color scheme they used. Overall very aesthetically pleasing. You might be able to faintly see, but in the back of the box, the insert behind him is yellow! Given his name, I was expecting green, but it gives the box a bit of variety for sure.

In case anyone enjoyed seeing the packaging layout. Goodsmile has done a very good job of compartmentalizing their boxes lately, which is nice!

Here is the main man himself! As usual, the detailing is wonderful with Nendoroids. My lighting really does not do the different details justice. The folds in his pants, the shades of paint in for his hair, and his little leg-pockets are all great touches! And just look at that smug expression. You know exactly what he's thinking about you.

Some more up-close shots, with different accessories!

And here are the starters up-close! They're all actually very posable, which I was not expecting. Charmeleon and Wartortle both have legs, arms, and their heads on a joint, while Ivysaur just has his legs. I do wish that maybe they could have let you rotate Ivysaur's head or Charmeleon's tail, but I definitely love the articulation they included.

As with other Nendoroids, he pairs well with others in the same franchise. Here I have Red facing off against Green in a heated battle!

Smell ya later!

(*As a side note, the faceplate on Red is for another Nendoroid. But it's definitely how I felt losing against Green as a kid. I like to think his Pokemon were as judgmental as he was.)

Bbbbbut, I do like to think that these two got along. ...Eventually.

(*Once again, these accessories are from another set. Just wanted to clarify that! Though this does go to show just how easily different parts can be swapped out.)

So there's that! Final, TL;DR thoughts: he's great. He definitely holds up to Goodsmile's quality levels. All of the detailing for him is nice, and honestly, a lot of the Pokemon Nendoroids could probably be mixed and matched for more poses.

One thing that I like about Red and Green is that their accessories typically also have a hand piece, which means you can swap out hands and whatnot without worrying about the whole arm. That means I could give him Red's Pokedex, for example. I imagine that's the case for most of the Pokemon Nendoroids, but don't quote me on that. Otherwise, he does have a few preorder bonuses that may still be available on some websites. These include a Pokeball-designed stand, as well as a Rare Candy. I unfortunately missed out on both of these, and honestly, I wish they would have given him the Rare Candy just to set himself apart from Red accessories-wise. I don't really understand why he needed two hand pieces that simulated his hand being in his pocket for example, but at least he can look as though he's got both hands in his pockets if you want. But they gave him plenty of arms to pose in any way you see fit to sit on your shelf and taunt you, endlessly.

Let me know what you all think of Green! Is anyone thinking about picking him up?

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