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updated sales + two questions

Hey guys! I'm posting today with two questions and a sales update (also updated my non pokemon sales for the first time in forever)!

First, click here or the banner to go to my sales! This includes some of the new 7-11 merch for detective Pikachu, as well as some heavily discounted stuff I just want gone!

I'll put my questions below the cut!

Okay, my first question is for you plush makers.

I've recently picked up plush making myself, and I find it to be quite a fun hobby. Though I don't have any fancy materials to make stuff with (good old needle and thread is how I'm doing it), I would like to ask:

How many of you make plush by hand compared to using a sewing machine? How do you go about making patterns for your plush? I'm planning on making a mew plush — and i've tried making patterns by studying the seams on the mew plush i already have — but I still find difficulty making a good pattern. 

My next question is just a creativity question. I have two figures, one moncolle Mew and one... weird mewtwo. Neither of them have bases! I'd like to see if anyone has any ideas on how I can make bases and stands for these little guys.

(I actually have no idea what this mewtwo is, he has a rectangle hole on the bottom but he's not an in case figure).



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