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SSS is here *o*

Hello everyone!

My sss gift arrived some time ago and today I finally had some time to take pics!

Here we go!

Here's the letter I got along with my gifts! I can say that you really did great job with picking up gifts for me! *o*

Let's start with this bad boy - Lycanroc Midnight pokedoll!

Metal Slowbros! AWESOME! I didn't have any metal figs from Slowpoke line! <3

Another bad boy - Pancham kid! 8-)

Slowpoke and Slowbro FCS!

Oldschool Banpresto Slowbro figure, still with tag and STILL WORKING! :D

Ludicolo kid!

Pancham McD fig!

And whole gang together! My cat also made it here... :D

Now let's check who's the gifter???

It's nasija !!! Thank you so much for all the gifts, I really love them all! Can't wait to put them together with the rest of my collection ^o^

I'm still working on my gift, should have it shipped after weekend!
Thank you all for looking and thank you again for amazing gifts <3
All the best you guys, have a great Sunday!
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