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Galar Starters Easter Baskets!

Hi everyone! Today I have these awesome easter baskets of the gen 8 starters for sale! I've spent the last few weeks working on them and I really like how they turned out! The new starters are very cute and I absolutely love all 3 of them so I thought it'd be cute to make some themed Easter baskets for all 3 of them.
I have all the details and pictures under the cut

All Easter Baskets include 1 3D printed figurine, 1 plush, 3 easter eggs with some Pokemon items in them, 4 pieces of candy, the colored straw stuff, the basket and an empty Pokemon tin (It's under the straw) to keep the items from sinking under the straw. The baskets will not come assembled. You will have to put them together like in the pictures but It's super easy. I only have it this way since I don't want to risk anything breaking during shipping.

The boxes that I've packed these in are kinda big and weigh a few pounds so it may cost a bit to ship them since they will probably have to be shipped priority but at least it'll get there pretty fast and before Easter!
I probably won't ship these internationally due to the cost.

The plush are beanies. They are made of Fleece and have Embroidered details.

The figurines are 3D printed and hand painted by me. They are all about 4-6 inches tall. Credit to Kong Chho and 3D print General’s Patreon for the .stl

I will not be making anymore Easter baskets so this is your only chance to get one from me!

Here's my sales rules and stuff:

**Sales Permission granted on March 14, 2015 by areica96 on my old account faleepai

**My old feedback is here
no title**My new feedback is here

no title*All Community rules apply.
no title*I will not sell to banned or non-community members! Twitter is the only exception
no title*All sales are final, no refunds.

no title*Haggling IS allowed just be reasonable, but don't be offended if I decline your offer
no title*Backing out of a commitment will result in negative feedback
no title*Prices DON'T include shipping unless it says (price) shipped
no title*You can ask questions! I don't bite (Ф∀Ф)
no title*Commitment takes priority
no title*Please be clear if you are committed to an item
no title*Minimum purchase is $5

no titlePayment:
-You MUST pay within 24 hours unless we have arranged something.
-Paypal ONLY!! No exceptions!

no titleShipping:
*When a package gets shipped it is out of my hands
*Shipped prices don't include shipping to international places.
*Most packages are shipped first class (But can be shipped Priority if you want it to/ if it requires it)
*I ship internationally
*Packages will be shipped ASAP
*I ship from Atlanta, GA USA

Each Basket is $65 before shipping and fees

First up is the Sobble basket!

The sweets it comes with are Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape, Peeps, Swedish Fish and M&Ms.

Next up is the Scorbunny Basket

The sweets it comes with are Peeps, Hot Tamales, Egg shaped Gum, and Hershey M&M shaped candy

Last is the Grookey Basket
Grookey has been claimed!

The sweets it comes with are Watermelon Peeps, M&Ms, Chocolate coins, and Sour Patch Kids

Here are some close ups of the figurines and plush:

Thanks for looking at my post!
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