godmanga (godmanga) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Whoever figured out this method, thank you very much!

This isnt about a pokemon plush in particular. But if you own one it involves caring for one. I just bought a Tomonui plush of Mitsuki from Boruto recently and found a orange stain in his hair! 😢 Dont know if it was there when I got it or it got stained from something else. But I wasnt upset, thanks to the board's past posts on cleaning plushies I knew what to do! I put a drop of mild laundry detergent into a cup of warm water, and dipping a soft toothbrush into it first I lightly scrubbed the plush in the direction of the fabric. After a few strokes the stain was gone! After letting the spot air dry there was no sign of the stain or of me cleaning it! This is a great method for spot cleaning plushies and I want to thank whoever posted long ago on this board for a great tip! 😁
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